Sunday, June 3, 2007


hey all, I just got a cool list for y'all.. this was a project that my church's sunday school class did...

Jesus is like:

Allstate Insurance - you're in good hands.

US Army - He helps you become all that you can be

V05 Hairspray - holds through all kinds of weather

Quiznos - mm mm good

Coke - the real thing

Folgers - the best part of waking up

Lysol - the power you can trust

Degree Deodorant - won't let you down

Tide - gets out stains that others leave behind

Sears - has everything

Chevy - like a rock

Wrigleys doublemint - doubles your pleasure, doubles your fun

Geico - (salvation) so easy a caveman can do it

- 15 minutes could save you

Bayer - works wonders

Energizer - keeps going and going....

State Farm - like a good neighbor, (He's) always there

Lay's - 100% pure joy

Party Palace - makes your dreams come true

GE - brings good things to life

Hallmark - cares enough to send the very best

Yup, that's my God.. he rules! Always has, always will!