Saturday, December 15, 2007

the mess of emotions that is me....

wassup. yup, it's been a while, but I'm back! After a hellish roller coaster of losing loved ones, gaining old friends, fighting my way through my worst grades i've ever had since like, ever; getting awesomely gadget-ified, and learning to step outside my comfort zone, I think I may have just managed to for a while there, I was getting really worried... I was having major mood swings... I could be happy and laughing one minute, then depressed and wanting to shoot myself the next...weird. So anyways, life goes on. The real purpose of this post is really to communicate the imminent fact that (wait... did I just say communicate the imminent fact? what the heck does that mean?) ... *ahem* ok.. let's try this again :P basically, with my schedule being so freakin hectic, I have not been able to update any of my photography.. whether it be on here or flickr.. so do not worry! Although I have not been able to post them.. I do have quite a file of great shots that I can't wait to share with you all! Also the latest developments in my quest for that prestigous achievement known as the Bachelor of Arts in Game Design and Simulation! Well, it's back to work for me... peace out y'all....
- vypr

Sunday, June 3, 2007


hey all, I just got a cool list for y'all.. this was a project that my church's sunday school class did...

Jesus is like:

Allstate Insurance - you're in good hands.

US Army - He helps you become all that you can be

V05 Hairspray - holds through all kinds of weather

Quiznos - mm mm good

Coke - the real thing

Folgers - the best part of waking up

Lysol - the power you can trust

Degree Deodorant - won't let you down

Tide - gets out stains that others leave behind

Sears - has everything

Chevy - like a rock

Wrigleys doublemint - doubles your pleasure, doubles your fun

Geico - (salvation) so easy a caveman can do it

- 15 minutes could save you

Bayer - works wonders

Energizer - keeps going and going....

State Farm - like a good neighbor, (He's) always there

Lay's - 100% pure joy

Party Palace - makes your dreams come true

GE - brings good things to life

Hallmark - cares enough to send the very best

Yup, that's my God.. he rules! Always has, always will!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

R.I.P. - A North Pole Teen

vyprNOTE: I wrote this a couple days ago, but wasn't able to post it.. so here it is....

Today is a dark, dreary, and rainy day. The rain hasn't stopped since I got up this morning, of course the mood seems to fit, given the tragedy that occured not 500 ft. from my house yesterday morning. Sometime between the time I left my house (6:30am) and the time my mom left (8:00am), three vehicles were involved in a horrific crash that (according to last reports) killed a young girl, presumably on her way to school. She attended North Pole High, and will be missed by many. Though I did not know her, I work with several who did. The pictures that follow were taken after they had pulled the body(s) out and taken the black truck that was also involved, away. I have not had a chance to look at the newspaper, and we missed last night's news, so the info I have given here is not complete by any means, I only told you what I know. Here are the pics.

yet another vyprNOTE: blogger doesn't seem to want to work today, so here is the link to my flickr site. -

Well, I didn't know you Beth, but I hope you knew Christ...

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

life sucks.

hey wa’s happnin’…. I got a lot of stuff goin on, so in order to maintain my sanity and clean record, here’s what’s going to happen.. I am going to vent… and you all are going to pretend that I don’t exist, and I never said anything..okay? good. First off, I love my Lord Jesus Christ, and I know that He is going to bring through it all… but just like any human being.. it’s hard not to want to do it myself, and then go berserk when I can’t! So, that being said, I also love my girlfriend… but it seems to me that the timing is off…at least by a year…why a year? I don’t know.. ask her! So we’ve been together.. oh let me check my MySpace count-up… jk, for a couple months now, and….we’re “just friends” now… until next year. Then I get to “reapply” to be her boyfriend. I understand that she needs some time to get her priorities straight… between God and me, yeah God wins… but I wish… that it didn’t hurt so bad… it’s like she’s cheating with my best friend.

Okay, this is starting to sound really bad… I am painting a WAY too negative picture of her. In reality, she is a way more mature Christian than I am, and so if she needs to get some stuff right with the big man… tha’s cool. Y’all gotta help me out this next year… I got so seriously depressed when she (tried) to leave for Phoenix for Master’s Commission, and that was only going to be for a couple of months!! (she ended up coming back way sooner, but still) At least I will get to see her at least… although I don’t know if I want it that way…cuz if she was down in AZ, then I wouldn’t have to sit there across from her, and know that we can’t do the stuff we used to. GAH.. I’m rambling… oh wait… I’m allowed to do that..

You know, this got me to thinking about one of our bike rides up and down Hurst Rd… it was such a good talk, that I was going to blog about it… it was gonna be called: “On Bubbles and Bricks” or “Thoughts of Bricks and Bubbles” anyways… the gist is this… we all have our different methods of protecting ourselves when we feel threatened, right? Whether it be physically or mentally threatened… we have our defense mechanisms… well I would have to describe mine as a brick wall… it’s got one entrance and no roof.. (mind, there is no scaling this wall) only people that I allow can get through that door… and only God can get through the ceiling, or lack thereof…. Her mechanism was more of a bubble mentality… when the bubble is up.. nobody, but NOBODY gets in or out… when it’s down.. everyone has access. This way there is no safe middle ground, no “no man’s land.” Whose defense is the best? Who knows? Its not for us to decide, its up to us to adapt and be mindful of these things though.

Finally, to wrap this up a little bit.. I might be going incommunicado for a while.. just to pause.. keep my composure.. that type of thing…so keep emailing, messaging, commenting, and whatnot.. I’ll get back to you when I feel like it. To conclude however, if you are reading this Onyx Fire, or Skikkles… I love you forever and ever……

@}~ Remember the rose I gave you? I will love you until it, and mine die. ~{@

God gives and He takes away… notice how the taking away part comes last?

Friday, April 20, 2007


hey what up! With the advent of my going out of state next winter, it comes to mind all the weird things you get asked when people hear that you are from North Pole... so, I have decided to create a t-shirt... yup, it's going to have a graphic of alaska with a star by North Pole, and it'll say, "Yes, I'm from the North Pole!" And on the back there will be a list. A list of clarifying statements.

Here we go!
- Alaska is NOT an island!
- Contrary to popular belief, we don't live in igloos!
- I have NEVER ridden a dogsled to school!
- Yes, I have seen Santa Claus, his name is Kris Kringle, and he runs a terr0r- I mean tourist trap just down the road and drives a Ford F250.

- We DO accept american money! (remember, we're STATE 49!)
- We DO have summer! And yes, it does get up to 90!
- Just because I'm short and from the North Pole does NOT mean I am an elf!
- We DO have a McDonald's!

- NO, I have never seen a penguin or a polar bear in person... I have seen too many moose though...

so yeah, let me know if you have any other ideas for my shirt... peace out!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Relient K Rocks!

Wassup! hey I just watched the late show with Jay Leno... why? bcuz Relient K was on! woot! they played a song that I've never heard before, which was really cool... also.. I never knew Matthew Thiessen played the piano... that's awesome! ok, i'm done now.. peace out peoplez

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Photoshop Rocks!

hey all, had some spare time, so i figured I would put something up... I have been taking this really awesome class for Adobe PhotoshopCS2, and have been learning a lot.. so I wanted to share some of my work... this first one is a project that was assigned to make a certain size file with a mug shot that the teacher took...

some of the requirements for this assignment was at least three layers...text, the actual photo, and a background, with some form of opacity tweak.

This next one is a CD cover that we had to create....

the requirements for this project was (obviously) size, a gradient, a vector shape, 2 text layers (1 w/ warp, and 1 w/following a path), an adjustment layer, and a layer mask.
woot! fun fun!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Hey wassup y'all! I am here with the official list of how to properly deal with a vypr. The vypr is a very dangerous creature, and should not be pissed of at all costs... anyways, here is the list for self-preservation:

1. If you are a guy, NEVER touch me! Except for a handshake, I might mistake you for a gay fag and beat the living crap out of you...

2. If you are a girl, NEVER touch my back. I don't like people touching my back, and I might just spin around and mistake you for a guy... (see #1.) Just kidding, I never hit girls... but seriously don't go there...

3. NEVER touch my hat! You don't touch a black man's stereo, or a chinaman's CD player, and you DEFENITELY do NOT touch a vypr's hat!

4. NEVER mess with my family or friends. You WILL feel massive amounts of pain!

All right, then... now for some more deeper thinking... me and mi novia (that's girlfriend for all you spanish-challenged people) were talking and she was like:
Onyx Fire: the only thing sadder than people posting bullitens b/c they're bored and have nothing better to do is the fact that we actually read the things!!!
me: wow... that was deep....
Onyx Fire: i got distracted for a min
me: ah...k
Onyx Fire: yeah...the only thing is that wells are deep too but they're also mostly empty
Sent at 4:05 PM on Wednesday
me: oohh... wow, you are on a roll... I gotta remember these when I'm not punch-drunk from lack of sleep!

Anyways, that's all for now.. keep it weird y'all!

Monday, March 19, 2007

And were back!

Hey all, this is da vypr! I am back from Anchorage and the Special Olympics State Games with a Silver Medal in tow.. the Tanana Valley Tornados did an excellent job at State, dealing with a new team from Mat-Su, that should've been in A Division, and that didn't understand the unwritten rules of the game...then of course, there was some ...ahem... questionable calls by the referees, but oh well! All in all, it was a fun trip, and the games were fun...Here are some pictures from our trip:

Monday, March 5, 2007

Tanana Valley Special Olympics Floorhockey Team - The Tanana Valley Tornados!

hey all you peoples out there, howzit goin? good... well, here's the latest... the Prez, the VP and possibly our first non-titled member are going down to Anchorage for Special Olympics State Games! woot! Cheer us on as Tanana Valley prepares to defend their title as Gold Medalists in the B Division of Floorhockey for the last 4 years! Let's support our athletes as they show us what they can do on the court. I am bringing my camera so you can bet there is gonna be some sweet pictures when I get back, so keep checkin'! I might also include some pictures from last year... hmm. Anyways, keep it weird!

Monday, February 19, 2007

skool...hmmm es un necesario?

hey all, howzit goin... yup it's vypr here... just wanted to put something up let y'all know how I was doin...first off, it's great to be in love! lol, it puts a flavor into everything I do, and it makes the day so much better if I know that I will be seeing my love...
anyhoo, so school, yeah at times it is the coolest thing, you get to go learn something that you never would have known before, and at the same time you feel awesome because you know that it will help you later on in life... but at other times, it's one of those necessary evils that everybody always talks about... your teachers expect so much out of you and you never have enough time to do it all... I think- no, I know that i would never be able to make it without the love and support of my family and friends, and most importantly, the love of my Savior, Jesus Christ.
He has always been there for me, through going back and forth between parents, my 1st cat running away, my 2nd cat getting hit by a car an hour after we got back from the vet, and putting my mom's cat down; He was there for me through two families that I knew really well, leaving for various destinations, and the utter demise of my sanity at the expense of my biological father and step-mother. It was really hard, but He was there.
Well, I am done with my rant for today... guess I will go do some more homework....

Monday, February 12, 2007

Welcome to The Weird Ones! (T.W.O.)

Hey all, this is vypr here, Prez. of The Weird Ones, a club started in the wilds of Alaska for the maintenence and upkeep of a healthy level of insanity! We do some crazy stuff so will be keeping you posted!