Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Hey wassup y'all! I am here with the official list of how to properly deal with a vypr. The vypr is a very dangerous creature, and should not be pissed of at all costs... anyways, here is the list for self-preservation:

1. If you are a guy, NEVER touch me! Except for a handshake, I might mistake you for a gay fag and beat the living crap out of you...

2. If you are a girl, NEVER touch my back. I don't like people touching my back, and I might just spin around and mistake you for a guy... (see #1.) Just kidding, I never hit girls... but seriously don't go there...

3. NEVER touch my hat! You don't touch a black man's stereo, or a chinaman's CD player, and you DEFENITELY do NOT touch a vypr's hat!

4. NEVER mess with my family or friends. You WILL feel massive amounts of pain!

All right, then... now for some more deeper thinking... me and mi novia (that's girlfriend for all you spanish-challenged people) were talking and she was like:
Onyx Fire: the only thing sadder than people posting bullitens b/c they're bored and have nothing better to do is the fact that we actually read the things!!!
me: wow... that was deep....
Onyx Fire: i got distracted for a min
me: ah...k
Onyx Fire: yeah...the only thing is that wells are deep too but they're also mostly empty
Sent at 4:05 PM on Wednesday
me: oohh... wow, you are on a roll... I gotta remember these when I'm not punch-drunk from lack of sleep!

Anyways, that's all for now.. keep it weird y'all!

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