Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Well... here we are again...

Hey folks... it's been a while hasn't it? Yeah, too long... so this isn't a political spouting, it isn't an emotional ranting, it's just a quick update on the crazy awesome-looking guy known as vypr. (Yup, had a kid tell me that the other day... lol, he was like "you look AWESOME!" while his buddies were admiring my new, in-honor-of, Transformers FIFTYNINE50-style hat :D btw, the movie is freaking awesome in my opinion, seen it 4 times already :D)
So, moving on, let's see, I am currently working at Regal Cinemas making just above minimum wage, praying for some of my other applications to come through. My schooling is pretty on-track for me to graduate only a year later than expected, 2011, with a BA from UAF in Art (CS minor), and a BA from DeVry in Game and Simulation Programming. I've been going to a new church for a while, Valley of Blessing Church of God, and I really like it... its a church on fire for God, a church that isn't afraid to break the stereotype. I'm still maintaining my online profile through my Facebook, MySpace, and other sites, though, like this blog, I've been a bit lax on the updates. I've got videos I still need to edit for my YouTube, and art I need to scan in for my DeviantArt profile. But I'll get there :)
As you may have noticed, I'm now on Twitter, so feel free to follow me! ... um... yeah, so thinking of any other updates... well, I did get the chance to meet a famous (and gorgeous) person a couple of months ago at the 2009 Summer Games for Special Olympics in Anchorage, Alaska. Her name is Carly Patterson, and yes, she is my new celebrity crush. lol.
She was really sweet, and was willing to talk for a couple minutes before she left to catch her plane. Well, I guess that's all I've got for now... I'll try to be better about blogging :D Thanks all!