Friday, April 20, 2007


hey what up! With the advent of my going out of state next winter, it comes to mind all the weird things you get asked when people hear that you are from North Pole... so, I have decided to create a t-shirt... yup, it's going to have a graphic of alaska with a star by North Pole, and it'll say, "Yes, I'm from the North Pole!" And on the back there will be a list. A list of clarifying statements.

Here we go!
- Alaska is NOT an island!
- Contrary to popular belief, we don't live in igloos!
- I have NEVER ridden a dogsled to school!
- Yes, I have seen Santa Claus, his name is Kris Kringle, and he runs a terr0r- I mean tourist trap just down the road and drives a Ford F250.

- We DO accept american money! (remember, we're STATE 49!)
- We DO have summer! And yes, it does get up to 90!
- Just because I'm short and from the North Pole does NOT mean I am an elf!
- We DO have a McDonald's!

- NO, I have never seen a penguin or a polar bear in person... I have seen too many moose though...

so yeah, let me know if you have any other ideas for my shirt... peace out!

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